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Immortalize Animals Through Taxidermy

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If you live in or ever had the pleasure of traveling to England, the chances are that you have heard of The Natural History Museum in Tring. If you reside in the USA, the International Wildlife Museum serves to be a similar place. These museums, along with many others, are full of immortalized animals who look so real that it comes off as creepy at times. Well, this may be because these animals are, in fact, real. But where can you find Taxidermy near me. Let us talk about Taxidermy first.

You might wonder, how is that possible? How can animals be preserved beyond their graves in an open environment? Such a feat has been achieved via taxidermy.

Here are some of the questions which frequently come to mind when talking about taxidermy.

What Is Taxidermy?

The word “taxidermy” finds its origin in two Greek letters, which can be translated to mean the arrangement of skin. Such a translation is a very close definition of the process itself, as the procedure of taxidermy revolves around adjusting an animal’s skin onto a taxidermy form.

One can say that taxidermy is an art via which dead animals can be immortalized. It is a term which is used to describe various methods which are put to use to produce a lifelike representation of animals. These animals can be as big as an elephant and as small as a mouse.

The most popular form of taxidermy involves stuffing an animal’s skin with a taxidermy form so as to make it look as lifelike as possible. The concerned skin undergoes an array of processes to ensure that it is preserved from the act of decomposition.

Taxidermy SuppliesThe act of taxidermy finds its origin in the 1800s. However, the methods used at that time are quite different to the modern form of taxidermy. While traditionally, animals used in the process were killed specifically for the purpose or immortalized to be trophies, currently, taxidermy is mainly done by museums to showcase the natural habitat of the animals.

Moreover, the methods used now require various kinds of skills including woodworking, carpentry, casting, and molding. Mostly, only the skin of the animal is used. Such a practice is a direct contrast to the old methods where all of the specimen’s organs, such as the eyes and nose, were used.

Is There Any Taxidermy Near Me?

There are an array of museums all across Europe and America along with other countries which showcase the results of taxidermy. Some of the famous museums include the following:

  • Torah Animal World, New York City
  • Horniman Museum, London
  • Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, London
  • Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge
  • La Specola, Florence
  • Natural History Museum, Dublin
  • Rahmat International Wildlife Museum and Gallery, Medan
  • Academy of Taxidermy, Perth

If you wish to get your hands on a taxidermy specimen or want to immortalize your beloved pet, you should look for the nearest taxidermist.

Are you thinking, “There is no way I can find taxidermy near my location”? Think again. It may come as a surprise to you, but taxidermy is still a thriving form of art which, while mainly concentrated in museums, is demanded as a showpiece for homes by individuals. Therefore, you will have no problem in finding local taxidermy shops.

For example, if you reside in the USA, here are some of the taxidermies which may be near your location:

  • Gray Taxidermy, Pompano Beach, FL
  • Knight’s Taxidermy Inc., Anchorage, AK
  • North East Taxidermy Studios, Middletown, CT
  • Northland Taxidermy, Alton, ME
  • Terry’s Taxidermy and Game, Oklahoma City
  • Almost Alive Taxidermy, Denver

Therefore, if you are a hunter and wondering, “Are there any taxidermy near me,” all you need to do is peruse your options online and find the nearest taxidermist who can allow you to immortalize your trophy or buy taxidermy forms for your mantel.

Is There Any Deer Taxidermy Near Me?

Taxidermy pricesVarious types of animals are used for taxidermy. The most popular of them all is deer taxidermy. This is because it tends to be a widely hunted animal. Many such hunters wish to decorate their mantles with their hunted possessions, even though this practice has decreased in recent years.

There are various taxidermy shops which specialize in the taxidermy of deer. All you need to do is look to the internet for shops near your area which specialize in this taxidermy. Make sure you read their reviews so as to make an informed decision.

While many places do perform taxidermy, not everyone is up to the task, especially when it comes to large animals like deer.

Don’t merely think, “Are any deer taxidermy near me?” Instead, focus on finding a taxidermist who can provide you with the best services and skills.

Taxidermy, when gone wrong, can lead to disastrous results. You don’t want your precious trophy to end up looking like the outcome of a botched surgery. Hence, make sure you choose your nearest taxidermist for your deer wisely.

Are There Any Popular Fish Taxidermy Near Me?

The smaller the specimen is, the more precision is needed to ensure that the outcome of the process of taxidermy is as lifelike as possible. Companies which offer the service of fish taxidermy in America include the American Fish fish taxidermyTaxidermy and Jonas Taxidermy. Such companies offer taxidermy of a wide variety of fish and can be used both for fish trophy mounts and for museum fish taxidermy.


If you wish to custom paint your fish or want to make sure that it stays with you for a lifetime, a professional taxidermist will provide you with taxidermy forms for you to keep. When you want to know Fish Taxidermy prices, ask your Taxidermist for their Fish Taxidermy price list.

How to Buy Taxidermy

With the surge in the sales of taxidermy, you don’t need to find companies that specialize in taxidermy if you wish to buy one rather than get one prepared specially.

You might wonder, “Is there any taxidermy near me to buy from?” The answer to such a question is that there are probably various shops near you which store such items. Why is that so? It is because gone are the days when taxidermy was done merely for trophy immortalization. Now, having a deer mount on your mantelpiece is no longer a way to boast about your hunting skills. Rather, such items now tend to serve a decorative purpose in houses and various shops.

There has been a recent surge in the popularity of such things, especially in America, leading to different stores now featuring the pieces for you to buy. Taxidermist prices depend on your area and the animal.

Is Taxidermy Classified as Animal Cruelty?

It is the common perception of the masses that taxidermy is a cruel and grotesque thing to do. After all, how can peeling someone’s skin off be considered okay in the world we live in?

While ancient practices did kill animals solely to use them for taxidermy, such is not the case with modern taxidermy which makes it a permissible thing in the eyes of animal rights advocates. While it is true that trophy taxidermy still exists and people do immortalize their hunted animals after the hunting season, such practices represent a minuscule magnitude of modern taxidermy.

Most animals that are used for the process nowadays are not killed merely to have their skins peeled off from their body. Instead, dead animals are used so as to make the process feel less gruesome.

Moreover, even in the case of hunting, there are various laws in action which prohibit the taxidermy or killing of endangered animals. Plus, any taxidermist who wishes to use specimens is required to provide paperwork which proves that the concerned animal died a natural death.

Such laws and regulations have played a critical role in making the process of taxidermy seem less scary to the naked eye than the practices of the olden days.


All in all, if you are planning to immortalize your pet via taxidermy, rest assured that such an act is permissible.

taxidermytaxidermytaxidermytaxidermytaxidermyYou are free to look for the nearest taxidermist, or taxidermy shops near me who is capable of handling your pet or desired animal taxidermytaxidermywith care. Make sure you don’t make a hasty decision when choosing local taxidermy shops to try out. There have been various instances of taxidermy gone wrong, and each of them has produced nasty results. Surely, you don’t want to have your pet, even if it is dead, go through a seemingly gruesome process only to end up looking taxidermynothing like itself.

Therefore, don’t such search for “taxidermy near me.” Instead, search for taxidermists who have a sound background and skills. Make sure you view their work before availing their services.

Whether you wish to immortalize your pets or buy an already made taxidermy, make sure your money does not go to waste. Be wise about your decision. Choose a taxidermist who is artistic about the process. After all, all great museums featuring such taxidermy always have a story to tell.

Remember, taxidermy is not just about the animal. It is about the creativity that goes into the process. It is about the narration. Appreciate it all.

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